About Us


Xavier Junior High is a middle school for grade 6, 7, 8, and 9 students. It serves the communities of Deer Lake, Reidville, Cormack, Howley, St. Jude’s, Wiltondale, and Pynn’s Brook. Xavier has a reputation for being a very unique and attractive school in several ways. Its curriculum is very unique for a Newfoundland junior high school. It is a combination of Department of Education & Early Childhood Development offerings; combined with a wide student choice in a modular program encompassing performing arts, visual arts, instrumental music, choral music, home economics, technology, and recreational physical education.


The motto of Xavier Junior High is Victoria Curam Amat meaning Victory Favors Those Who Work. School colors are red, gold, and black, and all teams wear the name Xavier. The original Xavier (now the East Wing) was built in 1963 as the Roman Catholic High School for the Deer Lake-Pasadena areas, and was known at that time as St. Francis Xavier Central High School. In 1974, a new St Francis Xavier (now the Main Wing) was completed to house Roman Catholic high school students, with the original school being renamed Immaculate Conception and housing primary and elementary students. In 1992, as the result of a Joint Services agreement, Xavier became the junior high school for students from the integrated and catholic systems and was renamed St. Francis Xavier Junior High. In September 1998 the entire provincial school system was re-structured, and Xavier became the junior high school for all students in Deer Lake. To reflect its new identity, the school’s name was officially changed to Xavier Junior High, the name it now holds.


• We believe that teachers, parents/guardians, students and the community as a whole are a part of our educational process.

• We believe our entire school system is committed to promoting excellence in learning.

• We believe the school is receptive to change.

• We believe learners are unique individuals requiring nurturing to develop their strengths and talents.

• We believe the school is committed to promoting a learning environment that is safe, dynamic, and visionary.

• We believe that learning is an ongoing process.

• We believe that teachers facilitate and enhance individual learning.

• We believe that teaching creates rewarding experiences.

• We believe that parents/guardians are an integral part of the educational process.

• We believe that all students can learn.